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Creative Golf 3D

The Creative Golf 3D Game in Simulators

The game is mainly designed for use with various types of golf simulators.


SkyTrak Launch Monitor

SkyTrakThe SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor is a complete Practice, Play and Entertainment System designed for golfer’s use at home or away from the course.

At its core, SkyTrak is powered by a revolutionary breakthrough in launch monitor technology that provides commercial accuracy and reliability in measuring ball flight data, but at a consumer affordable price. Technology powering expensive commercial launch monitor systems has been around the professional golf community for years.

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QEDWith UNEEKOR sensing technology you unlock confidence in every swing with the power of authenticated precision. Let’s transform your performance and gain greater love for the game.

QED is where passion meets precision. Advanced mathematics mingle with hyper-precise sensors - capturing crystal clear moments in time.
High-speed photos of your club and ball spin recite every aspect of your swing. Enhanced graphics reveal a vivid world in the finest detail.

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FlightScope Launch Monitor

FlightScopeFlightScope® is a global high-tech company and a true world leader in the development and manufacturing of 3D Doppler Ball Tracking Monitors, Golf Radars & Launch Monitors for sports.

Originally founded in 1989 to measure projectiles for the defense industry by Henri Johnson, FlightScope® still honors its roots and to this day remains prominent in the defense industry in more than 24 countries.

FlightScope was the world’s first 3D Phased Array Tracking Radar for golf and has the most experience in the design, manufacture and worldwide support of this type of equipment.

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Foresight Sports Measurement Systems

GC2The Creative Golf 3D offers you great experience with measurement systems from Foresight Sports company - GC2, GCHawk, GCQuad.

With the GC2, you can practice or play in any environment with equally trusted results. Outdoors, the GC2's exclusive self-levelling technology provides verifiably accurate results on every surface and on every shot. Indoors, the GC2 produces the most accurate measurements of ball characteristics at launch - period.

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TEE-01 Sport Simulatoren GmbH

TEE-01Wenn Sie das Spielen auf den wunderschönen Golfplätze von Creative Golf 3D auch richtig genießen wollen, dann sollten Sie das in einer Golf Simulator Kabine von TEE-01 ausprobieren.TEE-01 macht „The Home of Golf“ zum „Golf at Home“!

TEE-01 baut Standardkabinen, aber auch individuelle Kabinen, ganz genau nach den Anforderungen von Kunden. TEE-01 verbaut grundsätzlich Launch Monitore von SweetspotGolf oderForesight Sports, es kann aber auch jeder andere Launch Monitor in einer TEE-01 Golf Simulator Kabine verbaut werden.

TEE-01 produziert im eigenen Betrieb in Leobersdorf südlich von Wien. Demo Möglichkeiten gibt es in Leobersdorf, Kärnten, Vorarlberg, Zürich und München.

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Golfjoy GDS-PLUS Launch Monitor

QEDGDS PLUS is the new generation of Golfjoy's launch monitor, which can not only connect to the mobile phone APP to play golf, but also connect to the computer client to play golf, so that you can experience the fun of playing golf Indoors and outdoors, from coaching to club fitting to true-to-life golf simulation, our GDS-line of launch monitors are the industry's most trusted performance analysis solutions.

High-speed camera system provides HD playback of your club head and provides unparalleled analysis and accuracy.

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