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How to download a new course or the entire Course Library in the 2.8. version?

Note: You should have purchased a Course Library pack and an activated Library Library license key.

Individual  courses  are  downloaded  and  possibly  updated  to  a  newer  version  directly  in  the  Creative Golf or Golfisimo program, respectively.

Step by step procedure:

1. After updating to version 2.8, start program and click on COURSE to select a course

2. Select the 3rd icon in COURSES (display of all available courses)

3. Click on the non-installed course (colorless view)  - gray window

4. Click to the download (cloud) icon

5. Start the download

a. YES - download the selected single course
b. ALL - download all available courses (entire Course Library)

6. After downloading and installing the courses are available for play.

Finish. Have a nice play!

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