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Creative Golf 3D

Digital Caddie for Golf Clubs

We offer you the creation of a Digital Caddie application for the iPhone and Android. It is intended to familiarise worldwide golfers with your course. Golfers can also use it for good orientation during the play because the GPS function provides their location of the hole map. It can also be used as an electronic score card with calculations of handicaps and for easy measurement of distances.

The application also provides unique visual features such as video Fly over Hole. There is also current weather information, directions in how to get to the course, online booking, birdie book pictures and other helpful information for golfers according to your requirements.

Photo maps for top view, videos for fly over hole and simulation of ideal play are generated from a detailed and accurate digital 3D model of the golf course.

The application is free downloadable for your golfers online at the App Store and Google Play.


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