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Creative Golf 3D

Birdie Book

This software allows you to generate a 3D isometric view for each hole, generating excellent and high quality materials that can be used for the further graphic processing of 3D Birdie Books.

Diamond hole 01

Diamond hole 01



How to do it?

The first step consists of creating photographs of the present state of your golf course. We can do this for you, but you will have to cover the travel costs of our staff. If your budget does not allow it, you can take the pictures yourself. Our manual makes it really easy to take these photos in the time span of one day.

BlackStork_07eIn order to create a 3D model we need an ortophotomap with minimum resolution of 25 cm/pixel. Moreover, lots of golf clubs, mostly the new golf courses have these data. The biggest challenge is to get the altitude data of your course. If you have such data in your possession (for example from your architect or geographic company), this is not an issue. Otherwise, we will get in touch with a geographic  company operating in your location.

Costs associated with the purchase of a digital model of the terrain vary a lot, mainly depending on the method used and accuracy of the measurement.

The rest of the work is done in our office. The project is finished and delivered within 3 months of signing a contract.

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