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White Eurovalley - Malacky

Course Type: Real Course, 27 holes, Slovakia, ver. 2.0


The merged resort Black and White was founded in 2009 after finishing a 27-hole golf course called White Eurovalley golf park in Malacky (opening July 2009). The merge was a natural result of uniting two golf resorts in the vicinity of the Slovak capital city Bratislava. The main goal was to concentrate golf services and make them more efficient, since both resorts belong to the same property structure.


 27 – hole golf resort

It is a very compactly-comprehended complex situated in beautiful nature. The equipment center of the golf area is located in its “center of mass”…it stands for the heart of golf “organism”, which is closely surrounded by the following zones:

 •    Golf Academy

-    300 meter –long driving range, which may be used at both sides, with 7 goal greens

-    2 greens for chipping

-    2 greens for putting

-    Practice sands for practising short-distance (green) and long-distance strokes    (fervey sands)

-    A special studio of the golf academy including roofed teeing grounds

 •    Course Public (9 holes)

 •    Course White (18 holes)

 In spite of the fact that primarily the courses Public and White will be maintained, naturally, three 18-hole courses are established (the combination of three 9-hole sectors), which will be used according to demands of golf-players and organizers of sport competitions.

 There are 125 parking lots right in front of the golf house and the future sport hotel, which will be situated dominantly at the highest point approximately 10 meters above the surrounding terrain. There is a panoramic view of the whole course from this position.

 Concerning the localization of the center it is possible to reach an optimal conception of the interplay of all initial (1. teeing grounds) and terminal (9. greens) course objects. It represents an ideal functionally-maintaining scheme that enables visitors to orient well and to reach their goal while they do not have to cross long (unnecessary) distances. Everything is near and at hand!

 The greens of the course WHITE are generously-shaped (700-1000 m2) and only with few exceptions (it is possible to find one sister of legendary 8 from Black River) all are traditionally-shaped. Every range has 4 teeing grounds that are standard according to norms. Almost 90% of ranges are surrounded by a forest while in many places the rim represents sand dunes. The whole landscape may be described as a changed forest land with partial park elements enriched by the system of lakes having the area of 4 Ha.

 •    Facilities of the resort

Within the resort the following standard services are offered:

-    A club house with social facilities

-    A restaurant having the capacity of 40 people (interior) and 80 people (exterior)

-    Complex services of rental service of sports facilities

-    Pro Shop

-    Complex services of golf academy…

 In comparison with the course Black River, which is intended especially for advanced players (HCP 30) concerning its sport difficulty and requirements and mostly foreign players like to visit it, the WHITE EUROVALLEY golf park is intended for players of different achievement categories, while conditions are created for both beginners (PUBLIC) and more advanced players. Besides a broad spectrum of difficulty levels and requirements it is important to highlight the most significant aspect of the image of the resort:

 Attractive context of environment that results from the following:

 •    Golf as a walk in a wood

Formerly an 80-year-old forest formed primarily by pines used to cover 90% of the area. This forest was aimed at exploiting as a part of economic plans. Course building in this environment enabled not only to save around 25% of trees by aimed cutting, but also to reach a highly effective country effect, since ranges were directly cut into the mature forest, which creates a feeling as if golf has existed here for a long time.

The play represents a really unforgettable walk in the forest environment.

 •    Sand, water, and pines – unique European biotope

There are only a few golf resorts where natural conditions are capable of forming such a suitable symbiosis of country elements, moreover, with the influence of underground water (appropriate for lake systems), which is ideal for golf. Zahorie stands not only for European country uniqueness, but may be considered to be a unique region for the landscaping of “golf nature”, which is really unmatched.

 •    WHITE – it is not only a name, it is reality

In the golf resort, where the green color of grassy areas dominates, the white color of attractive sand has won a secondary priority. White sands accompany you in silent corners of the wood and sometimes you have a pleasant, but fictitious feeling that you are in an exotic country. Black pines growing on extraordinary white sands remind you of exotic palms and together with plenty of lakes turn your ideas to somewhere else…somewhere you spent your holiday in. As if you were not in Slovakia…

The cozy resort WHITE with its characteristics of nature and its symbiosis with golf offers you really excellent RELAXATION and with everything that belongs to it.

Country Slovakia
Course type Real Course
Holes 27
Version 2.0
Included in set Set 2
DATAcrea, s.r.o.
Slovenskej jednoty 10
040 01 Košice, Slovakia
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