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The Island Golf Club

Course Type: Real Course, 18 holes, Ireland, ver. 2.0


The original clubhouse at The Island Golf Club, a quaint wooden structure, was situated at the far end of the course overlooking the estuary at Malahide. It was abandoned when the boat service was discontinued in 1973.

The present clubhouse dates from that time. It has since undergone two major reconstructions and is now sufficiently well-appointed to host major amateur tournaments as well as meeting the needs of the members and the many visitors who come to enjoy the links.

The natural origin of the land which forms the Island Golf Club was a gift of nature laid down on a spur of gravel in glacial times.

This north south spur was later covered by deposited and blown sand in a large ridge through the centre of the course and the hills were formed by blown sand and wind erosion. 

Country Ireland
Course type Real Course
Holes 18
Version 2.0
Included in set Set 4
DATAcrea, s.r.o.
Slovenskej jednoty 10
040 01 Košice, Slovakia
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