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Portmarnock Golf Links

Course Type: Real Course, 18 holes, Ireland, ver. 2.1


The emergence of The Links Portmarnock as one of Ireland’s premier place to play golf epitomizes the better virtues of Ireland’s celebrated eminence as one of the world’s leading golf destinations.
Situated on the shoreline of the rugged peninsula jutting out into the Irish Seas, as an immediate neighbour of Portmarnock Golf Club, The Links Portmarnock is acclaimed as a classic gem in the new framework of Irish golf.
In 1847 the Jameson family, famous for their world renowned whiskey built St. Marnock’s an estate steeped in history and which now forms an integral part of our luxurious hotel as the Jameson House. In 1858 they developed their own private 12 hole golf course, one of the earliest in Ireland stretching from St. Marnock’s to the 15th Hole at neighbouring Portmarnock Golf Club. Bernhard Langer has affectionately incorporated part of the original layout in his design of The Links Portmarnock which opened for play in 1995.
Considering that less than one percent of all courses in Europe are of genuine links stock, you can readily appreciate the esteem associated with the advent of a golfing haven located just 15 minutes from Dublin International Airport and scarcely 25 minutes from downtown Dublin city centre.

Country Ireland
Course type Real Course
Holes 18
Version 2.1
Included in set Set 6
DATAcrea, s.r.o.
Slovenskej jednoty 10
040 01 Košice, Slovakia
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