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Golfplatz Cleebronn

Course Type: Real Course, 9 holes, Germany, ver. 2.0


The golf course Neumagenheim was opened by a private entity in the autumn of 1990. With their plastic green, this in no way corresponded to the provisions of the German Golf Association. Also met the profitability of the plant up to the expectations of the operator.

In order to promote the game of golf in the region and to save the plant Neumagenheim, the idea of forming a golf club was born in May 1992. Quickly and was traded on 05.09.1992 was held the founding meeting at which 72 people participated.

The then Bureau negotiated with the new owner of a license agreement, as the main content of the envisaged expansion of the golf course to stipulations of DGV. This license agreement approved at an extraordinary general meeting on 07.07.1995 to the majority of members.

During the construction work on the golf course, the Golf Club Neumagenheim had temporarily obtained from neighboring club Liebenstein entitled to play. The newly built 9-hole golf course (par 64) has been the fall of 1997, the sporting home of our club.

The next target for the golf club Schlossgut Neumagenheim was the establishment of a club house, which at the then 30 Was officially opened in April 2008. More than 10 years before it had taken from the idea of the new Visitienkarte the club should be.

The clubhouse fits perfectly into the landscape and the spacious terrace is the venue for the club life and invites you to linger.

The golf club is a member of the Württemberg Schlossgut Neumagenheim, in Baden-Württemberg and the German Golf Association and the Baden-Württemberg State Sports Federation.

Currently the club has as of early 2010 - about 465 members. New members are always welcome. We cater for young buyers an active youth work, for athletic golfer the opportunity to participate in team sports, the social recreational players to participate in the Seniors or Ladiesday.

Country Germany
Course type Real Course
Holes 9
Version 2.0
Included in set Set 5
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