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Golfclub Brilon

Course Type: Real Course, 9 holes, Germany, ver. 2.1


The Golf Club Brilon eV was founded in November 1986.

The desire in the region to golf , an established golf course on the grounds Hölsterloh led in 1989 to the actual start of planning .

Parallel to the planning of a first 9- hole course , with the renowned architectural firm Spangemacher was commissioned from Oelde - Sünninghausen , began negotiations with the property owners . Supported by the administration of the city Brilon and the Catholic Church.

On 22.06.1994 was the first sod with the active participation of the golf club members and more public by the then Mayor Franz Huelshoff , the manager of the golf course Brilon GmbH & Co. KG, Günter Dickel , and the president of the golf club , Peter Stickel started .

The construction work was in the hands of the company Jürgen Mokinski from Rheda -Wiedenbrück.

During construction, the Golf Club members could salute and later on a part of today's fairway practice 3 first golf shots under the guidance of pros Neil Bryan, who was employed as a golf instructor since 01.03.1994 , first on a practice field near the country inn .

Greenkeeper Franz Asmuth was posted on 01.08.1995 and accompanied the space in the making , thereby acquiring the knowledge is so important for his work on the structure and design of the place.

To 01.01.1995 , the club was able to rent the location on the fairway 9 club hut Versehrtensportgeneinschaft (VSG ) , which has been rebuilt over the years as a club house. There was a big room with Thresen , a sun terrace , an office, dressing rooms with washing facilities upstairs. To make room for large events , the club house , a tent was attached , in which up to 100 people can be catered for .

Many members will also remember planting activities jointly undertaken actions , as well as collect the stones before then finally on 29.06.1996 , the golf course was opened .

The number of golf club members has risen to about 300th So we hope to create by recruiting members of the foundation for being able to tackle the expansion of the course to 18 holes in concrete terms in the foreseeable future .

In mid-2008 could rent a landwirtschaftlliche previously used area of the golf club. Here was a 6 hole short course - the "Family Course" . Located right on the golf club car park , this facility is available to all Interressenten no prior experience Platzreifeprüfung for the first golf swings available.

Country Germany
Course type Real Course
Holes 9
Version 2.1
Included in set Set 6
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