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Course Type: Real Course, 18 holes, Germany, ver. 2.0


The History of Golf and Country Club Kronberg

Kronberg Golf Club is joined at the hip with the lock Friedrichshof which Empress Victoria as a dower house in Kronberg was built in 1889 by the court architect Ernst von Ihne.

Empress Frederick, like the widow in memory of her late husband after a short reign, Emperor Frederick III. Called, had, Kronberg and his famous artist colony in visits to the nearby imperial residence in Bad Homburg know and appreciate. So they left the palace grounds, which was very important to her, and now forms a part of the golf course Kronberger, planted with noble wood and valuable exotic trees. Even today, the dendrological treasures to the glory and tradition of English gardens, which may not last due to the fact that Empress Frederick was also the daughter of the famous Queen Victoria of England.

Therefore early British visitors came to Kronberg and often brought with her golf clubs and golf balls. Where today are the holes 6 to 10, was played by them proved in 1914 in the park golf.

After the war ended in 1945 the Americans occupied castle Friedrichshof. With the release of 1952, lord of the manor Prince Wolfgang of Hesse, on the Hessian line the castle had passed, with the conversion to a hotel. At the suggestion of the hoteliers Richard Pertram and designed by golf coach Ernst Kothe was founded in 1953 in the park, a 9-hole golf course created. After the lord of the manor had thereafter consult with Ernst Werner Reimers and Kothe, the following year, the creation of a golf club has been decided.

Sun gathered on 6 January 1954 the founding members Wolfgang Prinz von Hessen, Moritz Freiherr von Bissing, Franz Gomori, Hans Heinrich Hauck, Georg von Opel, Richard Pertram, Werner Reimers, Peter Skeffington, Erich Vierhub and Gerhard Alois Westrick the ceremonial foundation of the golf and country club Kronberg in the Hessian court in Frankfurt am Main.

The place was in the spring of 1954 at playable. End of 1955, the Club Casino, which is located in the castle, are available. Four years later, was built by a foundation of the later president, Dr. Walter Kesselheim, the bridge, the second day between the Green and the 3rd Tee crossing the street in the park. Post-enlargement on an 18-hole course in 1963 on 24 May 1964 the 18 holes with the "Award of Kronberg" officially opened.

By the then growing number of members (now about 1121) were carried out over the years, many renovations and expansions of the golf course. For all structural changes Ernst Kothe has consistently guarantee the protection and the preservation of the magnificent tree population had in mind and created one of the most beautiful golf courses in Germany.


Country Germany
Course type Real Course
Holes 18
Version 2.0
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