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Golf Engadin St.Moritz Zuoz - Madulain

Course Type: Real Course, 18 holes, Switzerland, ver. 2.0


To play golf at 1700 m above sea level in a breath-taking alpine setting and in one of the most beautiful valleys anywhere – to play golf on a historical course – to be a member of the oldest golf club in Switzerland: this is the Engadin Golf Club.

The Engadin Golf Club was founded in 1893 and is therefore one of the oldest golf clubs in Switzer- land. With over 1300 members it ranks among the largest golf clubs in Switzerland, offering its members the unique opportunity to play on two excellent golf courses in the Engadine: the 18-hole championship course in Samedan and the 18-hole championship course in Zuoz-Madulain. The comprehensive calendar of tourna- ments has something to satisfy every taste for those looking for sporting competition with other members and guests.

We promote and cultivate golf in the Engadine in our capacity as the oldest golf club we cherish our traditions. For us, tradition means on the one hand to preserve positive and well-established features, on the other hand to be open for innovation. It means to really live the tradition, to observe perfect golfing etiquette on the course and beyond it. Golf should be promoted in the Engadine with a focus on the fundamental idea of the game: the joy of golf!

The further development of golf is close to our hearts. With Caroline and Martin Rominger, two young and ambitious golfers on the professional tour, our club has two ambassadors who started to play golf in the Engadine and now promote our name throughout the world.

A further task of our club is the active development of our juniors. We offer junior training on different levels on a regular basis, we teach the rules and organise tournaments in order to enable our juniors to obtain their certificate to play the course (“Platzreife”) as well as their handicap.

On a more general note, we want to cultivate golf in all its aspects. Our club members know how to pace their game, they are familiar with golfing etiquette and rules: they are therefore welcome guests on all courses at home and abroad.

We invite you to read on and to get to know the advantages you enjoy as a member of the Engadin Golf Club and how, in addition to playing in tournaments, you can cultivate the game of golf and friendships in one of our Sections: Active Members, Ladies, Seniors or Juniors.

Country Switzerland
Course type Real Course
Holes 18
Version 2.0
Included in set Set 5
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