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Golf Club Domat/Ems

Course Type: Real Course, 27 holes, Switzerland, ver. 2.1


27 holes Golf Course - The yellow/red-course, concepted with 6.200 m, ranks among the longest courses in Switzerland. Here overall 90 ha in the region "Vogelsang" are at your disposal. A 9 holes public course (blue course) Par 35, 2707 meters is also available. Prominent are the "Tumas", wooded hills, which have a strong optical influence on the entire course and which are considered a "landscape of national importance"

Country Switzerland
Course type Real Course
Version 2.1
Holes 27
Included in set Set 9
DATAcrea, s.r.o.
Slovenskej jednoty 10
040 01 Košice, Slovakia
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