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Creative Golf 3D

Short description of the Creative Golf 3D game

main_menu_1After successful installation of the software, you are able to choose the mode and type of game from the main menu.

Play game

Choose course, type of game and number of players that will participate in the game


The training mode of the golf swing on the driving range, chipping and putting on the selected golf course.


Golf competition can take place on each of the courses in the database.

Competitions can take place in the form of the longest drive or closest to the pin.

Competitions in the stroke accuracy takes place on a special course, where the ball aims for the targets that are placed various distances from the tee.

Mini Games

entertainment_menuIs a set of entertaining golf games

Fairy tale golf

Fairy tail golf is driven by the same rules as the standard golf game. The difference being is the fairy tail environment and substantially larger holes, so that kids are able to achieve the same results as adult players.


Similar to advantage golf, minigolf is only played with a putter and the player tries to putt the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible.

Demolition golf

Is a funny game for teenagers. The course contains a set of ramshackle old buildings. Players try to hit the glass windows and achieve the highest score with a limited number of strokes.


Players signed in with their account can join tournaments listed on the tournament server. Tournaments are created worldwide by Datacrea and authorized “Golf House” operators. Thus, they can compare their skills with players across the world. Not only standard golf games are available, but also various special games aimed at players’ skills, and entertainment, such as Target Golf, Minigolf, Demolition Golf and, of course, Nearest to Pins and Longest Drive.

In order to play, you need a player account, internet access, and the course (installed) for which the tournament is created.


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